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Our Services

Advocacy & Engagement

We build and manage your company’s regulatory strategy with the key players and relevant decision makers in each country. We inform about the regulatory environment in an early manner, which allows the client to make decisions in a timely manner.

We identify and classify the key players in your industry.

Grassroots Campaigns: We create plans to mobilize or include stakeholders in the regulatory strategy.

We promote independent expert opinions.

We coordinate your regulatory strategies in Central America and the Caribbean.

Strategic communication

We build, execute and coordinate sustainability strategies to create shareholder value and to build the company’s reputation in the country and in the region.

We promote the reputation of the company, representing and supporting our clients in strategic forums.

We coordinate the regulatory strategy with the communication strategy and work together with the specialized media agencies that the client has.

We support the company’s spokespersons in the events that they require.

We help improve the reputation of your company.

In-house lawyers

We supply your legal needs and internal corporate affairs, without the need to hire more people and invest more resources. We handle routine legal matters in those companies that do not have an internal legal department.

We coordinate your legal strategy with the best expert professionals in your field.

We are specialists in International Trade / Taxes / Competition Law.

Brand defense

We create strategies to give visibility to the problem of illicit trade in decision makers, and find solutions to combat the problem.

We participate in forums to give visibility to the problem of illicit trade, contraband and piracy.