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About Us


CCA Business Strategy

About us

CCA Business Strategy is a corporate and legal strategic advisory boutique firm.

CCA Business Strategy was born in 2013 as a regulatory risk agency that integrates the legal area and corporate affairs to give our clients a comprehensive perspective that helps guide their business strategies.

We coordinate with our team in Central America and the Caribbean from the central offices in Costa Rica, which allows us to have a single point of contact with access to the best professionals in the region.

We are advisors in the region of Fortune 500 companies for their operations in highly regulated industries, including the financial, pharmaceutical and food industries.







Lawyer and Notary with an LLM from the University of Miami. Business Administrator and Master in Computer Science from the University of Costa Rica.

For thirteen years he served as Legal and Corporate Affairs Director of British American Tobacco Caribbean and Central America and in 2011 as Country Manager of Panama in the same company. He has vast experience in corporate law in Costa Rica and the United States.

He worked in Miami for Mitrani, Rynor, Adamsky, Macaulay & Zorrilla, P.A as an attorney, at CR Financial Inc. as director of finance and operations, and at Jenkins y Jenkins Abogados S.A. as a partner. He is a member of the Costa Rican Bar Association (1985), a member of the Association of Professionals in Economic Sciences (1986), a member of the American Bar Association (ABA)(2000), a member of the Florida Bar as a foreign attorney (1996) and member of the New York Bar (2000).

Lawyer and Certified Public Accountant with a Master in Business Law from the Francisco de Vitoria University, Spain.

She has more than fifteen years of experience in multinational companies belonging to highly regulated industries. Her strengths include the planning of corporate strategies in regulatory and tax matters, the relationship with interest groups, the management and proactive management of the company's reputation and the handling of external and internal communications.

She is a member of the Costa Rican Bar Association (2012), the Association of Public Accountants (2003) and President of the International Chamber of Commerce of Costa Rica and Pro-Secretary of the Alas Association. She is a professor at the Business School of the University of Costa Rica.