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Working From Costa Rica Could Be Your New Working From Home

The first clients are applying for Costa Rica’s new digital nomad visa and getting ready for two years of beach and rainforest life, according to local law firm CCA Abogados.

This July, Costa Rica approved the rules for its new digital nomad visa, offering a simplified process where the most important document is the person’s proof of income.

Many people will benefit from this new option: the visa allows visitors to stay in Costa Rica for up to two years, working remotely from across the country, without being a tax resident here. The process is simple and isn’t very expensive, and allows workers to bring along their families. This is a country that is very close to the United States and Canada, with all kinds of natural attractions and relatively good internet connectivity – Said Federico Jenkins, founding partner at Costa Rican law firm CCA Abogados.


The main requirement is proof of a monthly income of at least $3,000, or at least $4,000  if the person is bringing their partner, kids, or other dependents.

Although workers may prove their income through bank statements, some clients are opting for an alternative offered in the rules, which allows for a statement from a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Another advantage of the new visa is that it can offer a “test run” for people considering a move to Costa Rica.

The new visa will be granted for one year and will be extendable for only one additional year. However, workers that decide on a permanent move can apply for a change in status during that time.

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